New from me: When people ask how I’ve been holding up during the pandemic with my 3 year old, infant, and work, I usually say jokingly, “Oh, you know, trying to get by.” But the truth for me and a lot of working parents is we’re not okay via
My household is approaching Day 140 of being mostly stuck in our New York apartment. My older son has hardly seen another little kid in months. On weekdays, while the adults work, he watches limitless amounts of TV
People are experiencing this pandemic in such different ways depending on age / $$ / location / race etc, but I think it’s especially hard to grasp, as a childless household, how different the experience of this last few months has been for working parents
Working Parenthood Is A Terrible Deal Right Now
I’m A Working Parent And I Feel Like I’m Failing At Everything Right Now via
Working Parenthood Is A Terrible Deal Right Now #worklife #workfamily #parenting