This article described a Muslim and a Jew working together to build a “pro-diversity, pro-small market organization" as "potentially sinister" Who knew Ryerson Journalism found Muslims and Jews working together to be a problem. Truly sickened. #cdnpoli
The sad part is this piece of tripe comes from a government funded institution & cites other government funded leftist BS. I know both Ali & Matthew. They describe a website founded by a Jewish Canadian & Iranian immigrant as white nationalist. Utter crap!
A lot of words in here. Summary: is right wing but attracting readers! Oh noooo! Set standards for right-wing media no leftie media are required to meet (or do meet), then Impute evil motives for not meeting them. via
Author -Conflates disinformation with analysis they disagree with - uses "right-wing" website as if it means Nazi, when 40% of country is RW - I'd like to see McKelvey's evidence that the left does not use emotional triggers that triggers outrage /1