IN DEPTH: Crypto businesses seeing strong growth across Africa are working hard to meet the FATF's anti-money laundering standards. reports.
Where #FATF #Crypto #Compliance Gets Interesting: #Africa #fintech #bitcoin #blockchain #regulation
Ghana and Kenya are joining Nigeria as peer-to-peer $BTC trading hotspots in Africa. reports:
Grrreat piece by in . Looks like a lot of companies are trying out DIY regulations to solve KYC/AML for crypto and payments on the African continent right now. Very interesting to learn about their experiences 👇🏾🧐🗂️🧾
Even if not regulated yet themselves, many companies seek #TravelRule solutions, so they can transact with foreign partners. An interesting article of how is it being done in Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda + a quote from our CEO, .
Thanks to for writing this article. #Africa has great entrepreneurs in the crypto space like , and who are all fighting an uphill battle getting both consumers and businesses using #crypto.
"A large slice of Paxful’s business in places like Nigeria involves the trading of gift cards (Amazon, Apple, etc.) for bitcoin"
Where FATF Crypto Compliance Gets Interesting: Africa via
"the creation of a bitcoin trade route between Nigeria and China" is this real? does anyone use it? what for? it is for Nigerians buying Chinese goods or vice versa?