MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Kanye West Presidential Bid Revealed As Highly Coordinated Republican Operation to Suppress Black Vote for Biden
Always pay attention to the story behind the story. Republican operatives are using Kanye West as part of the Trump re-election strategy. They don’t care about him or his mental health. They care about diverting Black voters and creating a new Jill Stein.
And what exactly does the GOP think they are going to gain by doing this? The Trump campaign taking advantage of a man whose wife says he “is suffering from mental illness” is such a pathetic act of desperation; and yet to be expected. #moretocome
The Wisconsin GOP is welcoming Kanye West to the ballot in what increasingly looks like an effort to siphon votes away from Biden. But in 2016, it took Johnson + Stein.
Republicans Aid Kanye West’s Bid to Get on the 2020 Ballot
Kanye’s family has openly said he is not well and yet, Republican operatives are putting them on the ballot. They should talk about whose purposes they are really serving.
Secretive Trump campaign payment structures hiding sub-vendors makes it hard to know what, if any, ongoing financial relationships TRUMP 2020 has with a lawyer it paid, Trump's RNC delegate & other political operatives helping Kanye West run for president
“I really like Kanye West — I like his Christianity, and I like his rejection of identity politics,” Mr. Stone said. But he added it was “too late to launch either an independent or a third-party candidacy,because more than half the state deadlines passed.
Some more on the help Kanye West is getting from a handful of Republicans to get on ballots
STONE, who advised Libertarian party candidate Gary Johnson in 2012, said he’s not involved in whatever Kanye is doing.