This bonfire of planning laws is blatant Govt power grab, leaving local communities with no say It's a green light for sprawl & poor standards & won't guarantee affordable homes with nearby green space It's developers, not planners, holding up new homes
Astonishing: a government supposedly committed to levelling up wants to scrap Section 106 agreements that force developers to fund local services - such as housing for people with disabilities, parks & sports facilities. A stunningly regressive step
📢 BREAKING: Social housing could face extinction if the government removes the requirement for developers to build it. It makes no sense to remove section 106 agreements without a guaranteed alternative.
Deregulation: Abandoning England's planning laws will create 'generation of slums'. Sub-standard houses to be built, no regard for accompanying schools, GPs, local infrastructure. Building companies, Tories' mates, to make huge profits, misery for people.
England's planning reforms will create 'generation of slums'
Policy Exchange inspired Planning White Paper out today. Anyone who isn't a developer should be very concerned. "England's planning reforms will create 'generation of slums'"
If you care remotely about tackling cronyism, enabling social mobility or addressing intergenerational unfairness, you care about building more homes. Which is why I find front pages like this baffling.
Govt consulation on dreadful "planning for the future" reforms launched today, deadline 29Oct. Its a developers' wetdream: removing local control, & slashing standards just at the time when we need to "build back better"