Yes, cancel culture is a real thing. No, it's not the same as free speech. But telling the difference can be hard. Here are the six warning signs that you're being canceled...
"In science, the penalty for being wrong is not that you lose your job or your friends. Normally, the only penalty is that you lose the argument."
"6 warning signs … for cancel culture. Punitiveness … Deplatforming … appear to be organized … recruiting others to pile on? … threat that people who support you will get the same … Moral Grandstanding … things being said about you inaccurate?"
If you care about pluralism, tolerance, progress, and other truly liberal values, read on Critical Culture vs. #CancelCulture
This is a short and interesting essay: “The Cancel Culture Checklist” - Persuasion
3. *Stop lumping actual #freespeech defenders with partisan pundits.* , Nadine Strossen & many others actually work in this profession defending free speech; 19/27 (Side note: Check out Jon’s excellent article on cancel culture from today
The Cancel Culture Checklist: Six signs that show you're not just being criticized; you're being canceled. –Punitiveness –Deplatforming –Organised pressure campaigns –Secondary Boycotts –Moral Grandstanding –Truthiness
When do you call it “canceling”? A terrific analytical checklist by ⁦⁩.