For far too long, the has held politicians hostage to put the profits of the gun industry before the safety of our kids. I’m glad the is taking the steps needed to hold this corrupt & dangerous organization accountable. #DissolveTheNRA
Breaking News: New York’s attorney general filed a civil suit seeking to dissolve the N.R.A. over claims of corruption that hurt the powerful gun-rights organization’s ability to operate as a nonprofit. The suit sets up a legal fight that could take years.
Big breaking US story: New York's Attorney General has just filed a lawsuit seeking to dissolve the NRA, America's hugely powerful gun lobby group, accusing execs of corruption to the tune of $64 million over three years.
The NRA has a long history of thwarting New York’s not-for-profit rules. Today the took action to curb that abuse.
The lawsuit sets up a legal confrontation that could take years to play out and will leave the 148-year-old N.R.A. — long the nation’s most influential gun-rights lobby but recently hobbled by financial woes and infighting — fighting for its survival
This doesn’t seem like obviously convenient political timing or selective prosecution at all 😂
And just when the NRA was getting excited about having all those little kids back in schools . . .
New York Attorney General Sues N.R.A. and Seeks Its Closure