As a leading contender to be Joe Biden's running mate, Kamala Harris has emerged as a strong voice on issues of police misconduct, although she has struggled to reconcile her calls for reform with her record as a prosecutor
Media “echo chamber” created by ⁦⁩ to support ⁦⁩/⁩ is working overtime to take out ⁦⁩ as the obvious choice for former VP ⁦⁩ as #2. Senator Harris was an accomplished CA AG
Kamala did once call herself a top cop, and she opposed some progressive policing reforms when she was prosecutor. She has also evolved and championed progressive reforms as a senator. Both can be true. Here's a pretty good overview of her record on police
Kamala Harris was AG for CA in 2012 when Vallejo police shot and killed six people, a rate 38 times the national average. Her office did not step in.
"Critics saw her taking baby steps when bold reform was needed — a microcosm of a career in which she developed a reputation for taking cautious, incremental action on criminal justice and, more often than not, yielding to the status quo."