Why is there a crossover between those who dispute climate science and those who cast doubt on expert opinion surrounding COVID-19? Over the last few months I've been tracking this crossover. My latest piece for : /1
From attacking environmentalists to spreading conspiracy theories — COVID-19 provided fresh ammunition to some familiar faces. reports.
Commentators who regularly question the veracity of mainstream climate science have been denouncing environmental activists for distracting the world from the “real threat” of a global pandemic.
Our look at the commentary on both COVID-19 and climate change found some commentators spun environmentalists’ words to imply they were happy that the virus had spread.
“Those sorts of sly tactics that have been used by these groups have amounted to an entire culture of how they spread information, spread ideas, and build audiences for their groups,” Imran Ahmed, founder of the said.
We look at the commentary on both COVID-19 and climate change, finding significant crossover between unqualified voices casting doubt on experts recommending action.
Commentators with a history of casting doubt on climate science first turned their attention to COVID in the days after Chinese authorities ordered the 11 million residents of Wuhan into lockdown.