How should experts respond to this pretty far-fetched question of whether the COVID virus came from an extra-terrestrial source? This thread is a fun risk comm lesson from 2003, when the same main author raised the same question about SARS. 1/5
Tweet from January quoted in a paper claiming SARS-CoV-2 came from space on an asteroid. Not sure space was the hypothesis I had in mind - all I was saying is it was clearly transmitting from human to human rather than repeated spillover.
COVID-19 came from space - the virus was deposited over Wuhan like "a huge viral bomb explosion", carried either by cosmic dust, or a meteor Amazing that the space virus was so similar to earth bat viruses. Maybe space bats lived on the meteor?
I guess we shouldn’t really be that surprised given they both supposedly arrived from space ☄️
This is, by far, the most high quality shitpost I've ever seen.
Looks like the sunspot crowd has their own wacko "theory" "This leads to the alternate hypothesis that COVID-19 arrived via a meteorite, a presumed relatively fragile and loose carbonaceous meteorite, that struck North East China on Oct.11, 2019. " #LOL
I just knew it -- it IS aliens! ;-)
Yee-haw! Chandra Wickramasinghe and the odious Fred Hoyle have been reborn, or resurrected! Panspermia FTW! {also, this is ridiculous} via and
also if you read this paper, you will notice an odd harking back to medieval times: portents of comets and meteorites, plagues from Heaven, Apollo's arrows
I can never get enough panspermia….
"...the astute and engaged reader of all that evidence is left with only one conclusion—the Spanish Flu disease came from Space...". Utterly mind-blowing. How does this make it into the public domain? Dangerous quackery
Today in nutjob science: Did Covid-19 come from SPACE? If so, vaccines won’t work!