Dido Harding, a Tory peer with no public health experience, who presided over the (privately outsourced) Test & Trace debacle, is to be installed as boss of the agency replacing Public Health England. This shows utter contempt for the NHS & public health.
I’m literally speechless, appointed to a body that hasn’t been created yet without an interview and with a track record like that- absolutely no transparency or accountability
This government doesn't just reward failure. Gross and repeated failure appears to be a qualification for high office.
This woman’s genius - like Cummings’ - has somehow managed to elude me.
Beyond belief. They are now actively and openly rewarding their own failures. #RiseUp
Dido Harding to run agency replacing Public Health England
Hands up anyone who didn’t predict this. Dido Harding to run agency to replace Public Health England
Dido Harding #cronyism - screwed up test-and-trace - lost 4m customers' bank details to a hack costing Talk Talk £60m - served on Jockey Club which opened Cheltenham in a pandemic - Tory MP husband wants to scrap #NHS - got a peerage from friend Cameron
I'm delighted to confirm Dido Harding as head of our new Public Health agency, after she passed our recruitment checklist: a) track record of failure b) Tory peer c) no experience in public health or medicine d) friend of Matt Hancock
This is appalling. Where is the open, transparent recruitment process? Why is this being announced at a think tank and not in Parliament? The government is undermining the reputation of this new agency before it has even been launched.
So the person who completely messed up UK’s test & trace programme to be given promotion to the head of a new PHE?! Very soon all of our institutions will be run by incompetent ‘failing upwards’ Boris Johnson sycophants Elite capture is reaching new highs
Dido Harding...if she had any sense of decency, with a track record like hers, she'd refuse the job.
We need to have total transparency in how appointments of this kind are made, rather than promoting a Tory insider who's been responsible for the sub-par Test & Trace system. My comments on appointment of Dido Harding to run new health protection agency 👇
Track and trace has been a disaster - but the government is putting their patsy peer who oversaw the failure in charge of the agency replacing Public Health England. Yet again Boris Johnson & his team place loyalty before competence
Getting rid of PHE just as a 2nd wave of CV19 has begun really would beggar belief if we hadn’t seen wave after wave of incompetence from Bungling Blojo & his cabal of muppets. Cockups & lies are their piece de resistance, deaths par for the course.
"Dido Harding, a Conservative peer who heads up England’s widely criticised test-and-trace system, has been chosen to run a new institute to replace [PHE], after the controversial decision to axe the agency." Supremely unqualified. Perfect fit. 👏
So who will be safeguarding public health then? ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
At this stage, the government is just trolling us
Sigh. In the olden days we used to have employment law and transparent procedures to decide who would run public services. Now it’s just who you know.
Is it a bad idea to reorganise a country's public health system during a pandemic and then have it led by somebody with no track record in ...you know... public health?
Dido Harding to run agency to replace Public Health England
Does Boris Johnson only choose those who fail and fail big to lead the most important public projects? Dido Harding to run agency replacing Public Health England
Next week: Alan Sugar to run WHO
1/2 Is this some kind of joke? We now have a businesswoman leading our new government health agency rather than a scientist or a medic. She’s already failing on test and trace so how is she meant to deliver on this?
Are they serious? oh silly me!Dido Harding to run agency to replace Public Health England
No surprise here: Dido Harding to run agency to replace Public Health England
Dido Harding to run agency replacing Public Health England < chairs do not traditionally run things: I do wish people would learn to think before they write
’s⁩ Crony Britain.
Obfuscation by proxy. They're not stupid. When government shows off a howler decision, it's an alarming portent of what is being obscured. Look beyond what they want you to focus on. DH is just chum-in-the-water. The new agency is the actual outrage.
A hasty decision, that makes little short term and no longer term sense. The politicisation of PH leadership needs to be strongly resisted. Baroness Harding has failed in her current role, and is much less qualified for this one.
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