Whoa: Wayne LaPierre’s chief of staff is writing a tell-all book about the NRA
NYT: Former top official Josh Powell to publish tell-all book next month, calls group “rife with fraud and corruption,” writes that its finances “are in shambles,” and that “it has operated in the red for the past three years.”
Former chief of staff to Wayne LaPierre, Josh Powell, is publishing a tell-all book about his time with the NRA. “We only knew one speed and one direction: Sell the fear. It worked to excite the most extreme faction of our membership — they ate it up.”
Josh Powell, Wayne LaPierre's former chief of staff who was fired after sexual harassment and financial impropriety allegations were made public, is writing a tell-all book. Powell is also one of the 4 NRA executives named in New York's suit.
The N.R.A. and Wayne LaPierre’s Next Foe: One of Their Own via ⁦