This is disgraceful One firms “plan to manufacture face masks in the UK for as little as 10p a unit was turned down by government, despite its offer to make 75m masks a month at no profit at the point when the NHS need for PPE was at its most dire.”
A deep dive from into the murky waters of procurement spending with some great new material. And there is so much more to come.
It’s just incredible that Britain became so angered by the MPs expenses scandal, but now doesn’t appear to give a damn about tax payers money being spaffed in the pockets of Govt’s chums. When everything becomes outrageous, nothing is outrageous anymore.
'Of the 10 companies that were handed the highest value deals to supply the government with PPE, we found that five had no apparent record of procuring PPE previously.' #ToryCorruption #PPE #Tories #CrimeMinisterJohnson