NEW: As California A.G., did little to curb the power of tech giants, & as Senator she has often moved in lock step with them, say tech critics. That’s fueled concern that a BIDEN-HARRIS admin. won’t clamp down on anti-competitive practices.
Tech cos breathe a sigh of relief with the Kamala Harris pick: "They probably feel like they have one of their own," said one observer. (Briefly mentioned in this but Kamala Harris has more than one family member who is a senior exec at Uber)
In her speech, Kamala Harris highlighted her roots in the Bay Area, which means like many people here, she also has deep connections to the tech world. What does that mean for a potential Biden presidency? Story w
Read. Despite a myriad of personal and professional ties, MUST be tougher on tech going forward for sure and should tap just to scare Silicon Valley asap: How Kamala Harris Forged Close Ties With Big Tech