81,550 officers. If they were nurses, would they be allowed to see patients? If they were pilots, would they be flying? If they were chefs, would their restaurants be open?
Perhaps the most stunning takeaway from today's release of police discipline data: Less than .03 percent of the 323,911 complaints against #NYPD officers resulted in a penalty, including 12 who were terminated, the found. POINT ZERO THREE PERCENT.
In other words, 100 times greater than the article originally said. --- "Correction: Aug. 20, 2020 An earlier version of this article misstated the percentage of complaints that resulted in penalties against officers. It is three percent, not .03 percent."
There are so many complaints that the #NYPD misconduct complaint database takes a long time to load.
"The civil liberties union noted that less than 3 percent of the 323,911 complaints resulted in a penalty for officers, 12 of whom had been terminated."