Our public health failures are interfering with our ability to exploit our criminal justice failures to mitigate our environmental failures.
Former corrections officer arguing to keep people incarcerated in CA so they can fight fires. Did he realize he was speaking out loud? Appalling.
OMFG one of the reasons CA is having so much trouble fighting fires this year is because they depend on prison labor to fight fires but they released prisoners early to protect them from coronavirus.
This is one hell of a quote about how CA cannot fight fires because it released some (not enough) people from prison rather than have them die from COVID. Says a lot about how we value incarcerated populations.
California, which would have the world's 5th largest economy if it were a sovereign country, struggles to deal with fires without prison labor. Prisoners got early release because of the coronavirus.
Covid Limits California’s Efforts to Fight Wildfires With Prison Labor - The New York Times
Climate change exacerbates racial injustices via incarcerated labor. We pay inmate fire fighters $1/hr "Hiring firefighters to replace [inmate firefighters], especially given the difficult work involved, would challenge a state already strapped for cash"