Dear women and minority PhD students: UC Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowships provide opportunity to be hired as faculty at a UC after. If you like genetics, Drosophila, Arabidopsis, plant-herbivore evolution, I can be your sponsor! Deadline Nov 1
Pls retweet! 2018-19 Call for Apps - ! Amazing program w aim of diversifying UC faculty. Details here
If you’re a recent Ph.D or finishing this year & interested in working with me or anyone else in please consider applying for a U. of Cal. President's & Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship -deadline is 11/1/2020 (h/t to for reminder!)
Soon-to-be and recent PhDs: the Presidents Postdoctoral Fellowship Program was established to encourage outstanding women and minority PhD recipients to pursue academic careers at the University of California. Deadline: Nov 1.
Any PhD or MD or JD want to do post-doc work at UCSF for 2021-2022? Univ of CA President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program seeks to increase diversity. See FAQs for more!
It's always a pleasure to attend the annual meeting of (even on zoom). I am honored to serve as faculty rep, mentor & former fellow. The UC PPFP is a wonderful demonstration for how one can advance excellence in the academy through diversity.
Applications are open for the Univ of California President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program for women and minority PhDs! Spread the word, and be in touch if you want to work together on exciting problems in climate and stats at UCLA.