This remarkable success against wild #polio in Africa has shown the world that progress against some of the biggest global health challenges is possible. πŸ‘‰
Great news πŸ‘: after 4 years without a case 🌍 has been certified as wild #polio-free! With this historic milestone, 5 of the 6 WHO regions – representing >90% of the πŸŒβ€™s population – are now free of the wild poliovirus
Congratulations πŸ‘ to the 47 countries of for today’s tremendous public health achievement of having been certified as wild #polio-free! πŸ‘‰
Yesterday was a big day for #globalhealth - the region was declared wild #polio free, demonstrating that #VaccinesWork & what can be accomplished through #partnership
An amazing achievement #polio free #Africa! Great news & huge advance in #globalhealth #VaccinesWork. Road to #elimination is long and hard- but worth it.