Mnuchin's politics have driven a wedge within his family. His father is "appalled" and his stepmom was so anxious to avoid shaking Trump's hand at the secretary's wedding that she pretended her arm was injured. ⁦⁩ ⁦
NEW: Steven Mnuchin is maybe the most mysterious creature in the administration. He has no clear ideology, other than making money. He had no clear connection to the president. We set out to understand him.
One small measure of the insane, socially destructive growth of the U.S. financial industry over the last 40 years, and its contribution to inequality: Steven Mnuchin “was hardly a top-tier financial player,” but his “net worth was more than $400 million.”
"When a New York Times reporter asked [Robert Mnuchin] about his son last year, he demurred but seemed to be near tears."
This is an interesting piece. But I'd say it implicitly gives Mnuchin far too much credit for the economic rescue of March, and also doesn't give the right take on who he is — the last oblivious but probably not fascist right-winger on the Trump team 1/
Steven Mnuchin Tried to Save the Economy. Not Even His Family Is Happy.
So, & : many economists suggested what we needed earlier this was a bill that softened the blow on ordinary people, perhaps underwriting salaries like they did in Denmark and other places. 1/
Steve Mnuchin profile is chance to note there have been 77 US Treasury Secretaries — all of them white men (). In contrast white women, black men and black women have served as both U.S. Attorney General and Secretary of State.