NEWS: The cavalry comes in for Trump After weeks of POTUS taking a drubbing on the air, GOP megadonors lining up behind a new super PAC helmed by Swiftie Chris LaCivita The opening gambit: $30 mil, with more on the way
A new Trump super PAC will launch a $30 million ad campaign to portray Biden as “condoning” crime & killings of police officers, boosted by the mastermind of the Kerry swiftboating & backed by biggest GOP donors like Adelson & Marcus. Welcome to the fall.
Nowhere is the reader informed that the Swift Boat campaign was a dishonest smear job, it’s just credited with a “takedown” of Kerry. The future of our democracy hangs in the balance, but it’s still just a sport for these people.
Swift Boat mastermind to launch massive super PAC to boost Trump reports
Swift Boat mastermind to launch massive super PAC to boost Trump. ⁦
A bit late to this, but watching the ads in this story on the new pro-Trump super PAC vehicle and what's striking about them is Trump isn't in them, contrary to the ones from his campaign.
Whatever you think of the Swift Boat campaign, it had veterans who served with Kerry stepping forward to challenge some of his account of his service. This is nothing like that. Just demagoguery, with relatives of crime victims exploited to attack Biden.
Interesting that the theme of the Hail Mary super PAC ads is “Biden is soft on crime,” all in on an accusation never thrown at him until the last few weeks. I guess the bet is that he’s wary of reminding people of the crime bill?
They also focus on stories being told by people and aren't flash-screens filled with words like "antifa."
This story explains so much about blighted US politics: the man behind the 'Swift Boats Veterans for Truth' smear on a war hero (John Kerry) has been given $30m by billionaires to shore up support for Trump (another billionaire) by attacking Joe Biden
Donors to the Trump campaign or the RNC or other efforts can at least pretend they're supporting Trump because of economic policy or judges or whatever. Donors to this super PAC are knowingly giving to an utterly demagogic effort to smear Joe Biden.