"Have you been arrested yet?" This is the tale of the spies, the hacking, the put-up job, the sock puppets, the fancy restaurants, the digital handbag and the many, many professionals taking Wirecard's money to fight and intimidate its critics
this piece by about his investigation into Wirecard is one of the most astonishing things I've ever read in the or anywhere else
This might be my favourite thing I've read this year: 's account of the hacking, intimidation and surveillance he faced while he unravelled Germany's largest accounting fraud.
"Observers of the Wirecard affair have tended to criticise the German establishment for the fact that this fraud ran for 20 years unchecked. And yet almost all the external professionals hired by the company to protect its reputation were based in London."
This is a completely astonishing story
Incredible story, featuring black ops, electronic surveillance and and legal threats: how exposed Wirecard as a criminal enterprise #Ahab via
I saved it for a Sunday treat in the print version of ...if by any chance you haven't read this extraordinary reminder of why journalism matters, please do. A testament to the sheer courage and professionalism of and the team
The FT’s Dan McCrum on a five-year investigation into a billion-dollar fraud. 'In the end, it all came crashing down ... Wirecard is a smouldering wreck. The ex-chief executive, Markus Braun, is in jail, awaiting trial along with other colleagues'
In the end, the pen was mightier than the fraud. Gripping inside story of the Wirecard investigation by brilliant . (And hat tip to an FT commenter for coming up with that line.) Includes a tiny bit-part from me involving fancy steak & secret cameras.
Read ’s account of how he exposed Wirecard including this Heat moment where Paul Murphy, FT investigations head, lunches chief operating fraudster Jan Marsalek in a Park Lane restaurant, filmed from a ‘high tech handbag’
If you can access this FT account of its heroic expose of major German corporate fraud & cover up, do. If Team Boris was on top of its game ( it isn’t) it would make hay. Of course UK City professionals helped Wirecard scamsters evade justice 2015-20
Brilliant and courageous investigation of Wirecard by the ⁦⁩.
This is an terrific story about how hard investigative reporters work, the dangers they face from the corrupt people they cover, and the bravery of the institutions that support them.
"with the FT’s investigations team editor [&] in-house libel lawyer ... we had learnt what to expect from scrutinising [Wirecard]: furious online abuse, hacking, electronic eavesdropping, physical surveillance and some of London’s most expensive lawyers"
This is the tale of what it was like to unravel and expose the reality of a criminal enterprise that relied on a network of professional enablers to keep in motion one of the biggest corporate frauds of the modern era.
Got through this great long read from on his bizarre and tense experience covering the Wirecard scandal yesterday, and this bit stood out for me. Surely there are questions for the UK regulators to answer to here as well as German?
Attaboy Dan! Wirecard and me: Dan McCrum on exposing a criminal enterprise via
the story of how Wirecard tried to destroy the FT reporter that exposed its fraud is absolutely insane (and very well told)
Magnificent. Sometimes the seems more than just a newspaper
MUST READ: Dan's take on the absolutely bonkers John Le Carre style goings on during the reporting of the corporate fraud story of the decade. A nice shout out for FT Alphaville too (which originally hosted the House of Wirecard series)
This is a wild story about a prominent German company that collapsed recently due to fraudulent activity and its attempts to prevent the Financial Times from exposing the fraud. Parts of it are hard to believe—more like movie scenes than real life.