Updated this week's College Watchlist with latest case counts. Currently tracking 104,746 total cases at 92 colleges. Number of colleges in each threshold group (vs. last week): - Red - 4 (4) - Orange - 9 (16) - Yellow - 37 (33) - Green - 42 (38)
Launching a dashboard today to help keep track of outbreaks on college campuses. While still in its early stages, you can browse colleges on the watchlist based on our categorized alert level (Red, Yellow, Orange) and see new case curves for each college.
The New York Times may have temporarily stopped tracking Covid-19 cases on college campuses (their website says "This page will be updated periodically and was last updated Sept. 10") but my college watchlist continues to track cases weekly at 80+ schools.
If like me you’ve been having trouble keeping track of case counts on campuses, this map from is enormously helpful