Imagine having a great salary w/ every perk you could ever ask for while people are being evicted & dying and losing loved ones all over the country & the feeling you choose is ... anger that your coworkers who are parents got a little bit of compassion
Very easy to say that the employees without kids are being churlish here, but being asked to do more work without more compensation because you don’t have kids is actually very unfair and possibly illegal and absolutely grounds for frustration.
When the pandemic forced office and school closures, some companies offered more time off to parents. But as the impact of Covid drags on, some employees without kids are saying this is unfair. It's causing a rift at some companies, especially at Facebook
New story with on the growing divide between parents and nonparents at tech companies. (You can probably guess my feelings on this one).
The same old anti-maternity leave arguments dressed up for 2020. Parents with kids at home are drowning right now. Companies that don't adopt policies to accommodate the crisis will face a (primarily female) brain drain with massive long-term costs.
The obvious solution here: Let aggrieved employees without kids have time off too, as long as they watch the kids of their fellow workers. See how long they think they’re getting the shaft
Having worked in tech environments, I would bet a ton of money that the same people complaining about parents are the same kinds of people who won't hire (or resent hiring) women because they don't want them to take maternity leave
Tech companies rushed to offer more benefits to employees with children during the pandemic. But some workers resent the attention paid to parents.
TIL Facebook literally has a spokesperson called "Bourgeois". The 2020 scriptwriters are just phoning it in now.
I saw some of these questions being asked internally but didn’t realize the extent of the vitriol at Facebook between parents and non-parents. Good on and for getting this. The lack of empathy in some of this stuff is stunning.
More than ever before, Covid has created an enormous gulf between parents of young children and other people. This gap in available work time is enormous and unprecedented. And it's not going anyway anytime soon.
Psssssssst: More humane childcare policies would benefit all of us, parent and non-parent alike. Pass it on.
people! are! terrible!
Reading this, I am struck by how many of my ⁦⁩ colleagues have at one time or another said something like “I can’t imagine what this is like for parents” and wow does company culture matter
For social: Paid leave shouldn't be a zero sum game. Every person deserves access to paid leave, whether it’s to care for kids, parents, or ourselves. Join us in fighting for a new normal for working families
I know it's a tough time for everyone but it's hard to sympathize with the non-parents mad that parents got extra benefits from tech companies during the pandemic
Parents Got More Time Off. Then the Backlash Started.
Attitudes of folks in this story are major reason why this country is so seriously in trouble in so many ways. Non parents angry about special treatment for parents when schools close. 3 main points. 1/5
A philosophical debate on the default choice of natalism on behalf of the collective missing here - coming across as an imposition to the childless. Should we unquestionably share the burden of continuing our species or is parenthood an individual choice?
This reminds me of the tech men who told me last year if I wanted more time to write my book I should just get pregnant and use the maternity leave 😩
lol get rekt childless employees
It's been amazing to have colleagues with empathy, esprit de corps and a positive-sum approach do things in 2020 that will never be forgotten. A friend in need is a friend indeed. I will never, ever forget those who stepped up for me & their colleagues.
Yet another awful article, this time on parents vs. non-parents at tech companies. Those of us without kids support parents not because we’d have to work harder if they quit but because happier kids -> happier adults -> better society.
This brings up a real problem of fairness. And I think I have the solution. A general cull of non-parents. No mercy.
If you never have had a child (or can’t or have lost one) I can see having a hard time with these policies. But what the complainers are failing to understand is that these policies are intended for the kids involved and *not* to give the parents a break
Interesting piece about how non-parents at big tech companies are annoyed that they didn’t get the same time off benefits during the pandemic that people looking after children got
It is surely wrong of me to think of the whiners in this story as a bunch of libertarian incels.
Parents absolutely should be privileged in every situation discussed in this article No sympathy for childless entitled tech bros here
Like everything tech-related from , I'm sure this is a contrived narrative based on two screenshots cadged from some contractor.'s an interesting moral dilemma between the residues of pro-family policy and the now-dominant individualism.
Selfish people continue to be selfish.
It has to be just endless fun to be a tech journo at the NYT and get to nail tech companies to a wall no matter what they do. The pinnacle of trolling jobs.
Parents Got More Time Off. Then the Backlash Started.
Early on in the pandemic, I was on a big Zoom call with 30 friends & a child-less person asked what everyone else was doing to keep from being bored. Every parent was like, 'I wish.' Has the divide between parents and non-parents ever been wider?
Parents Got More Time Off. Then the Backlash Started. 'Pandemic policies at tech companies have created a rift between parents offered more benefits and resentful workers who don’t have children.'
Sad story of the breakdown of adult solidarity. In a genuinely compassionate culture, most adults would understand that parents need a bit of slack.
"if schools did not reopen at all this fall...mothers said their working hours would be reduced 9 percent, while fathers said their time would go down 5 percent." Even 9% seems unrealistic but WTF, dads? 5% is pathetic.