Let’s cut through the noise to Biden’s China policy. A team examined his 40-year relationship w/ China. We found fascinating info, but no business interests or unethical acts. Trump even praised our 3100-word story. w/ .
NYT panda hug of Beijing Joe Biden. Not a SINGLE mention of HUNTER Biden is the tell in this con game. As soft as this puff piece is, it still EXPOSES Biden as a pawn in Xi Jinping's Great Global Game. Read it and weep. C'mon Man...
NEW: As a senator, Biden talked about transforming China through trade. But as a presidential candidate, he denounces it as a dictatorship. How did he become a China hawk? Our story takes you on his China journey. w/ .
Thread: “The United States does need to get tough on China,” says Joe Biden. He proposes rebuilding US alliances, its economic and tech innovation and its status as a global leader of democratic ideals, which Trump has eroded. Our detailed story
Mr. Biden’s 20-year road from wary optimism to condemnation — while still straining for some cooperation — is emblematic of the arc of U.S.-China relations, which have deteriorated to an unstable and potentially explosive state
He used to confer with Xi Jinping. Now he calls him a thug. Mr. Biden’s 20-year road from wary optimism to condemnation reflects the arc of US-China relations.
Yesterday Trump’s campaign spox attacked our story and senior WH aide Peter Navarro called it ”soft.” Today, Trump said we “just published an entire story on Biden’s China sell-outs, which is amazing for the New York Times. I appreciate that.” 🤷‍♂️
Let us be unambiguously clear: the assumption that integration of China in the international economic system would change its politics towards liberalism, an assumption of American foreign policy under Bush and Obama, was wrong