I filed FOIAs about the Chinese Mystery Seeds with state departments of agriculture in all 50 states. I received thousands of emails, spreadsheets, complaint forms, presentations, voicemails. The takeaway is that MANY Americans planted the seeds
On a scale of "Called 911 on the Mystery Seeds" to "Ate Them", how would you say you respond to new and confusing situations?
Why in the world would you go and plant mysterious seeds you received in the mail??
Interesting lab results of what was in those "Chinese mystery seeds" that thousands of people reported getting from Amazon
What did Americans do when they got mystery seeds in the mail? Some freaked. Some ate them(!). A bunch planted them, which one caller to an agriculture department said was a "dumbass" move. dug into the mystery seeds.
“Huh. These mysterious seeds showed up from China. Screw it, I’m eating them.” — A real person’s internal monologue
Hundreds of Americans Planted 'Chinese Mystery Seeds' 😑 “Some people ate the seeds.”
"Calls like this were not unusual. Some people ate the seeds, according to the documents."
How members of the public responded to getting "mystery seeds" from China:
And some people ate the seeds.