To overhaul the Senate, calls for (among other things) abolishing cameras, dumping committees, limiting senators to one 12-year term, and this: “Senators should live, eat, and meet in dormitories when the Senate is in session.”
has a Ph.D, but his op-ed is evidence-free. He says if state legislatures again elect US Senators polarization will decline. Yet the directly-elected mid 20th century Senate was LESS polarized than the indirectly-elected Gilded Age one. 1)
Ben Sasse’s pitch for Senate reform is for Senators to not be directly elected, & to get to serve 12 freaking years without interruption or check, & to reduce transparency. The usual delusions that the way to solve democracy is antidemocracy.
Holy cow. This is quite something from Ben Sasse. Make the Senate Great Again - WSJ
In to "Make the Senate Great Again," Sen. makes many fine suggestions but the most important is to repeal the 17th Amendment to the Constitution & return the selection of US senators to state legislatures. The founders knew what they were doing.
Make the Senate Great Again - WSJ. Great proposal by ⁦
A snapshot of today's GOP and conservatism: A Republican senator is very concerned (not unintelligently so) about "the deformed structure of our government." No word about the current president, today's deformer-in-chief, whom he supports for reelection.
Make the Senate Great Again - WSJ
. is completely correct about the toxifying nature of —a point too few make.
I often struggle to capture the inanity of our leaders in some clever quip. But I am going to give myself a pass and just come out and say it: this op-Ed is just incredibly stupid.
This is seriously the dumbest thing. The Senate is an institution designed to give an extreme, radical minority of Americans veto power over the majority, even on matters of fundamental liberty. and the filibuster makes it nuclear. He wants to have dorms
This oped from on reforming the senate is honestly one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read
Lots of bad ideas here, including a ban on standing committees. Time is one of the most valuable resources in legislatures. Committees expand time that would otherwise not exist if all work was done in plenary. Make the Senate Great Again: via
Good ideas, very much aligned with ⁦⁩ The Senate’s culture needs dramatic change aimed at promoting debate, not ending it - via
.⁦⁩ says we should cut Senate camera-showmanship, drop committees’ “permanent fiefdom,” call Members back to the floor, try longer single-term cycles, re-empower state legislatures, &, like an ordinary family, transcend budget-brinkmanship.
"It’s time for Congress build some muscle and figure out how to serve the American people by doing our constitutionally mandated jobs again," writes
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I know probably did not pick out the sub-title. But this is such garbage. Rather read, Eulogy for American Exceptionalism: Humility needed. via
This Ben Sasse oped is so bad it makes me want to abolish the Senate even more. Dude literally calls for repealing the 17th amendment (popular election of senators).
Great op-ed from - How to make the Senate America's greatest deliberative body once again.