Scientists say it's too soon to say what impact a paused coronavirus vaccine trial might have on the push to develop one, but the news highlights the importance of waiting for the results of trials to assess safety before approving a drug for use.
Apparently this is 2nd time that $AZN/Oxford #COVID19 vaccine trial has been paused according to volunteer info sheet Another participant previously developed transverse myelitis but was deemed unrelated to the vaccine per Nature
“The clinical hold shows that there are functioning checks and balances, in spite of political pressure. It might indeed remind everybody — even presidents — that for vaccines, safety is paramount."
Enrolment in AstraZeneca / University of Oxford coronavirus vaccine trial on hold after suspected adverse event in trial participant.
A leading coronavirus vaccine trial is on hold. Look on bright side--we'll have more confidence that any vaccine making it through these rigorous trials will be safe and effective
More on AZ covid-19 vaccine trial pause here: study was also paused before, in July, as a volunteer had got transverse myelitis; the neurological condition was found to be unrelated to the vaccine. Event leading to second pause not yet known.
ICYMI - details in this story about a first pause for the AZ vaccine trial, back in July.
A leading #covid19 vaccine trial is on hold: scientists react