The pandemic is getting harder to track: The US conducts 100,000 fewer virus tests each day now than it did in July. That’s due to White House meddling and the arrival of new types of test, and I report
There are caveats and other possible factors, but ultimately here’s the fact pattern: - Trump has said repeatedly that he wants to slow down testing. - Trump interfered with CDC policy in ways that would slow down testing. - Testing is now slowing down.
Major companies say they’ve distributed tens of millions of COVID antigen tests since the summer began. But public data show the results of only about 215,000 antigen tests nationwide. Where are those missing tests? Welcome to the era of dark testing
In the past month, the number of coronavirus tests reported in the United States has drifted down—and that may be partly because of Trump-administration policy, write and
This is a mess and it is "certain to get worse." and
"This is the current state of pandemic tracking: It is difficult to know whether millions of tests have been conducted at all." Oh FUN, just what we needed in these times.
How Many People Is America Testing for the Coronavirus? - ⁦⁩ The President wanted less testing, CDC guidance changed and now the US conducts about 100,000 fewer daily tests than it did in late July. Glad CDC guidance changed again!
How Many People Is America Testing for the Coronavirus? We have no idea. Making information unreliable and trustworthy is the hallmark of this administration. It’s always been deadly.