Discovering the “on-and-off switch” for good parenting in male and female mouse brains has earned Catherine Dulac, a molecular biologist at Harvard, one of this year’s $3-million Breakthrough prizes — the most lucrative awards in science and mathematics.
Congratulations to neuroscientist, Catherine Dulac on winning The Breakthrough Prize for her research on the neural basis of parenting behaviour. We are proud to have Dulac in the selection committee for the Lundbeck Foundation’s The Brain Prize.
Biologist Catherine Dulac netted one of four big life-sciences awards. Also announced were one for mathematics and two for physics.
Discoverer of Neural Circuits for Parenting Wins $3-Million Breakthrough Prize via
#366womeninSTEM 2⃣5⃣9⃣ Catherine Dulac (1963- ) 🇫🇷 HHMI Investigator and Higgins Professor of Molecular & Cellular Biology. Her work explores the neuronal basis of innate social behaviors in the mouse. Winner of the in 2021.
Discoverer of neural circuits for parenting wins US$3 million Breakthrough Prize. The notion of an off switch for good parenting is fascinating ⁦
Congrats to for winning the Breakthrough Prize!
Discoverer of neural circuits for parenting wins US$3-million Breakthrough Prize