*Promise Made, Promise Kept* Brand 🆕 #121 with "On Anti-Racism (and Related Things)" (Happy #Thanksgiving🎧)
this dropped yesterday when a lot people may not have been feverishly checking twitter. so wanted to re-up one of the most enjoyable convos on race, culture + politics i've had on- or off-air. with the man , , and
Oh hey look a new episode, in which talks , the gang debates 's comments, gets praised for staff management, and many terrible jokes are uttered.
Brand 🆕 w/ host : "The Sacred Order of Journalism, Excommunicating , and *is in #Resistance Mode?*" 📰 🚂 🚂 🚂 🚂 🚂 iTunes Stitcher More
An Expansive 🆕 Conversation w/ and AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW
🚨 A brand new (pre-recorded) dispatch feat. the inimitable ! 🚨
If you're interested in race, culture and politics this episode of vKmele Foster's podcast is worth a listen
A few weeks ago, I sat down with New Yorker staff writer (and fellow Mass mick) for a fascinating discussion of his NY Times-bestselling, Orwell Prize-winning book Say Nothing. Please listen or I'll go on hunger strike
A very special Christmas #FifthColumn with and ! The authenticity of ’s bullshit, the biz of #journalism, and the Vanity Fair Diaries.
James O’keefe. Matt Lauer. Seducing Kevin Spacey. Trashing Bob Woodward. Joe Scarborough killed somebody? + #taxreform #someidiotwrotethis
It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to a conversation as intellectually invigorating as ’s podcast with on “racial essentialism”, “woke skepticism” and more: 1/
Brand 🆕 w/ “Purging Alex Jones, Antifa in Portland, Kmele at MSNBC (or 'How to be an Uncle Tom')”
Finally listened to this. Extraordinary. So much eloquence in one room. I feel like I gained brain cells. , , & are all spectacular. But my favourite perspective is 's.
Brand 🆕 (Dispatch #💯) “In Defense of Red-Pill , Perpetual Outrage, Presidential Subpoenas” |
"Brexit is about democracy. It's about preferring a bad parliament to a good king. So many in the elite cannot understand that." was a guest on this week's podcast, discussing Brexit, guns, outrage culture and more.
Bush and McCain sneak diss . ⭐️s for #Niger. “The opposite of a way with words.” 🆕 #FifthColumn.
“A Clear and Present Dotard” - #🆕Fifth #DPRK #Facebook #TrumpUN #RocketMan #Russia #stlouisprotest #policeshootings
Brand 🆕 Fifth EPS #103 w/ the homey (You can breathe now — It’s finally here. And she’s probably not wrong, Andrew)
🆕 5️⃣th ⬇️! Harvey, Hillary, Rex, Corker, Kim, , , & more! + ’s mom bought him a profanity mug.
Start your weekend correct. 🆕 Fifth coming in 🔥. #Vegas #1A #2A #Catalonia #Kurdistan #comicon #GlassDonRickles
Great conversation between and about Keefe's really masterful new book, SAY NOTHING, on
Anyone interested in free speech could do worse than listen to this episode of the always excellent Fifth Column podcast. Guest Jacob Mchangama gives a crash course in the history of free speech from a European perspective.
Tune in to this week's #FifthColumn to hear me piss off partisans on both sides of the Israel/Palestine conflict.
New dropped a few days ago but if you haven't heard it, it's still 🆕! -Moynihan meets D'Souza, and Don Jr. -Kmele finishes a story -We need to talk about Sarah Jeong -Russian hacking, Facebook -QAnon -Witch Hunt
The latest Fifth Column podcast episode featuring & is outstanding. Be sure to listen to it
Finally got round to listening to this. It's as good as everyone's been saying. One of the most fascinating, thought-provoking discussions of race issues I've ever heard. HT
New #FifthColumn with Vanity Fair's and Spiked's is a moonshine-soaked rumination on child activists, conservatives sullying the legacies of legacy publications, and a bit of Masshole name-dropping.
We're BACK (w/ , freshly hungover from his Russian experience). Plus: , #DACA, & "cruelty."
New one dropped: "Use Your Collusion I... from The Fifth Column - Analys...
Brand 🆕 w/ : "The (Syrian) Pull Out Method, and Journalistic Imperatives" -- Also on Tap: 'Obvious Racism', 'Savage Women', and ❤s him a good Gov'ment Shutdown. |
Woulda been great if we had recorded this TODAY, but yesterday's recording/today's release of with is still very much a thing you should do.
Get some new #FifthColumn with of @538politics podcast w/
The new #FifthColumn feat. & was thirsty and filthy like you knew it would be.
16/where you can hear me lay out my views on this stuff, and there will be more. But shouldn't I be exposed to adversarial interviews, too, at some point? Money/mouth/etc. (Fin)
The Fifth Column - Analysis, Commentary, Sedition - 121 “On Anti-Racism w/ Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Coleman Hughes, Thomas Chatterton Williams” | Listen via Stitcher Radio On Demand
New #FifthColumn Special Dispatch featuring , author of "Political Tribes" and "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother," in conversation with