*Promise Made, Promise Kept* Brand 🆕 #121 with "On Anti-Racism (and Related Things)" (Happy #Thanksgiving🎧)
this dropped yesterday when a lot people may not have been feverishly checking twitter. so wanted to re-up one of the most enjoyable convos on race, culture + politics i've had on- or off-air. with the man , , and
An Expansive 🆕 Conversation w/ and AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW
🚨 A brand new (pre-recorded) dispatch feat. the inimitable ! 🚨
If you're interested in race, culture and politics this episode of vKmele Foster's podcast is worth a listen
James O’keefe. Matt Lauer. Seducing Kevin Spacey. Trashing Bob Woodward. Joe Scarborough killed somebody? + #taxreform #someidiotwrotethis
A very special Christmas #FifthColumn with and ! The authenticity of ’s bullshit, the biz of #journalism, and the Vanity Fair Diaries.
It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to a conversation as intellectually invigorating as ’s podcast with on “racial essentialism”, “woke skepticism” and more: 1/
Brand 🆕 w/ “Purging Alex Jones, Antifa in Portland, Kmele at MSNBC (or 'How to be an Uncle Tom')”
"Brexit is about democracy. It's about preferring a bad parliament to a good king. So many in the elite cannot understand that." was a guest on this week's podcast, discussing Brexit, guns, outrage culture and more.
Brand 🆕 (Dispatch #💯) “In Defense of Red-Pill , Perpetual Outrage, Presidential Subpoenas” |
Bush and McCain sneak diss . ⭐️s for #Niger. “The opposite of a way with words.” 🆕 #FifthColumn.
“A Clear and Present Dotard” - #🆕Fifth #DPRK #Facebook #TrumpUN #RocketMan #Russia #stlouisprotest #policeshootings
Brand 🆕 Fifth EPS #103 w/ the homey (You can breathe now — It’s finally here. And she’s probably not wrong, Andrew)
Start your weekend correct. 🆕 Fifth coming in 🔥. #Vegas #1A #2A #Catalonia #Kurdistan #comicon #GlassDonRickles
🆕 5️⃣th ⬇️! Harvey, Hillary, Rex, Corker, Kim, , , & more! + ’s mom bought him a profanity mug.
Tune in to this week's #FifthColumn to hear me piss off partisans on both sides of the Israel/Palestine conflict.
New dropped a few days ago but if you haven't heard it, it's still 🆕! -Moynihan meets D'Souza, and Don Jr. -Kmele finishes a story -We need to talk about Sarah Jeong -Russian hacking, Facebook -QAnon -Witch Hunt
Anyone interested in free speech could do worse than listen to this episode of the always excellent Fifth Column podcast. Guest Jacob Mchangama gives a crash course in the history of free speech from a European perspective.
We're BACK (w/ , freshly hungover from his Russian experience). Plus: , #DACA, & "cruelty."
The latest Fifth Column podcast episode featuring & is outstanding. Be sure to listen to it
New #FifthColumn with Vanity Fair's and Spiked's is a moonshine-soaked rumination on child activists, conservatives sullying the legacies of legacy publications, and a bit of Masshole name-dropping.
Finally got round to listening to this. It's as good as everyone's been saying. One of the most fascinating, thought-provoking discussions of race issues I've ever heard. HT
Get some new #FifthColumn with of @538politics podcast w/
The new #FifthColumn feat. & was thirsty and filthy like you knew it would be.
New #FifthColumn Special Dispatch featuring , author of "Political Tribes" and "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother," in conversation with
The Fifth Column - Analysis, Commentary, Sedition - 121 “On Anti-Racism w/ Glenn Loury, John McWhorter, Coleman Hughes, Thomas Chatterton Williams” | Listen via Stitcher Radio On Demand