"The burden of decision-making and risk in this pandemic has been fully transitioned from the top down to the individual." I talked to about the awful choices the failure to contain coronavirus has forced on us, and how to make them.
“I generally try to stay away from absolutist responses, but my instinct is to flat-out say no: Scolding and shaming are toxic to public health. Almost full stop, with very few exceptions.”
How to think about coronavirus risk in your life - good conversation between an anxious and a pragmatic
“There has to be nuance in all this, and I feel like nuance died sometime in March.” interviews the great about how to navigate risk and risk communication sensibly, realistically and constructively.
19/ If you’d like to hear more about the incredibly complex, and fascinating, issue of how to weigh risks and benefits in Covid, take an hour to listen to this conversation between and Harvard epidemiologist It's superb.
How to think about coronavirus risk in your life: thoughtful interview with Julia Marcus, an epidemiologist at Harvard Medical School