. officials said students with football season tickets will be required to take a COVID-19 test on Friday and test negative before they can attend Saturday's game. The same precautions won't be required of thousands of other fans in the stands.
People who must test negative to attend the UT football game on Saturday: - UT students with the Big Ticket People who don't need to test negative: - UT students with an individual ticket - Visitors from El Paso - All other UT fans who aren't students
People who UT-Austin requires get tested for COVID-19 before Saturday's big football game: - student season ticket holders People without a testing requirement: - students w/ individual tickets - any non-student with a ticket (like alum) - visiting fans
UT-Austin said students with football season tickets will have to take a COVID-19 test Friday and test negative to attend Saturday’s game. Thousands of other fans won’t have to test. UT students with an individual ticket won’t have to test
I'm a big fan of the University of Texas. But their plan to bring up to 25,000 fans together in a football stadium tomorrow is insane. More than 200 new cases today in Austin.
So there have been according to the radio 321 cases at UT Austin since school started, & we're having a football game w 18,000 fans tomorrow. Student season ticketholders have to show proof of negative covid test from Friday. Nobody else does.
UT-Austin says it will require only student ticket holders to test negative for COVID-19 before Saturday’s football game 🦠🙄