Recent months have been a #balancingact How are members managing? Join us for our first Crucial Conversation, a discussion featuring some of #SWOGonc's best and brightest - we're proud to support their work, and eager to learn about their experiences
This panel=So valuable. Register at for practical, real-world advice on navigating this difficult time. With wisdom from and more. Props to for making this valuable conversation possible.
VIP members: Register for this 9/16 pre-virtual meeting panel YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED! leads stars like in conversation about navigating these turbulent times in cancer research (and in life).
Kicking off in a couple hours - first in a series of panel talks focused on oncology in the time of COVID. All aimed at giving investigators actionable advice, inspiration, and a little comfort. Thanks ! Still time to sign up: #SWOGOnc