I like the way puts it : "What the #Bitcoin network does is issue a claim on some quantity of satoshis, a liability. These network liabilities, called outputs, each have a smart contract to cryptographically secure their future transfer".
Let’s get toxic. Where is Ethereum’s supply audit? Here is bitcoin’s, I used my own Bitcoin node
Let's prove out expected #Bitcoin issuance with actual balances. Just published 👇
People trust Bitcoin because they can easily use a #Bitcoin node and the BTC supply is auditable. This is not true of any other asset in the world.
You can’t run the numbers or do the math on ETH supply. Ethereum is unauditable. Bitcoin is auditable
Bitcoin is the most auditable asset in the world.
ETH is currently unauditable. BTC is currently auditable. Learn why here
With all of Ethereum’s resources, it’s still not auditable.
That's great, but ETH2.0 "Phase 0" still is the opposite of "release". And Ethereum continues to be unauditable. Unlike Bitcoin