The POW/MIA Flag's relocation from atop the White House appears inconsistent with the law and is hurtful to veterans and servicemembers – especially POWs, those who did not return home, and their families. The White House should reconsider this decision.
“U.S. law requires the flag to be displayed in a “manner designed to ensure visibility to the public.” In its current position, it can be viewed from limited vantage points outside the White House complex.”
A decision by the Trump administration to move a flag honoring missing war veterans from atop the White House to a less visible South Lawn spot has angered some veterans and lawmakers, who see it as disrespectful and potentially illegal. #TraitorTrump
Trump had the POW flag removed from the White House recently, showing his lack of respect for our military men and women AGAIN.
Removal of flag honoring veterans from White House sparks anger Trump & Ted Budd does not stand up for our veterans. We are just Losers & Suckers to them. #nc13