Shere Hite was one of the greats. She got 3000 women to share candid descriptions of their sex lives, exploding beliefs about orgasms, and focusing attention on the clitoris. Columbia's history dept wouldn't let her write a diss on women's sexuality.
“She attended graduate school at Columbia, where she started to work toward a doctorate in social history but left when she was told that she could not write her dissertation on female sexuality.”
“Researchers should stop telling women what they should feel sexually and start asking them what they do feel sexually.”
Not the obituary I wanted to read today.
Shere Hite, author of one of the most influential and widely read studies of female sexuality, has left the building - via
Shere Hite, Who Challenged Myths of Female Sexuality, Dies at 77
Extreme criticism/cancel culture is not new. The protagonists and antagonists just keep morphing. Be willing to accept short term disruption for a meaningful purpose in life. Mad respect to Hite whose impact outlived defensive, evidence-less detractors.