My glorious AF wife Kathryn helped with my latest campaign video. Whatever the polls say we have to stay calm and resolute in this fight, giving whatever time, money and power we can. Get active to get out the vote TODAY. #GOTV #createtheoutcome #VOTE
From my #PhoneBanking session a couple weeks ago. I SAVED A VOTE by helping Wendy fix her incorrect registration! These last two weekends are the most crucial for #GOTV efforts. Sign up and make calls starting today. We need you. Let’s get to work! #Vote
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Today is #TheBigSend where across the US we mail off our 15 MILLION!!! voter turnout letters. We wrote 250 letters. Now we switch to phone banking with Volunteering is most effective in this final push. Keep in this fight! #GOTV #vote #TheLastWeekends
3 weekends. 18 days. Hundreds of ways to get involved. This is our time to make a difference. Sign up for #TheLastWeekends now.
Voting Plan! Do you have your voting plan? We made ours. Have this number on you for the Election Protection Hotline if you have any questions or problems at your polling place. Join us in volunteering to Get Out The Vote at
ICYMI: and Kathryn Grody talked volunteering with on #AMJoy this morning. Be a volunteer like Mandy and Kathryn: Sign up at and we'll show you how. #TheLastWeekends
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If our votes weren't important, Republicans wouldn't be working overtime to suppress them. So don't just vote this year—volunteer, to make sure everyone can #Vote safely.
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