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Today we published a paper in on protective immunity with four seasonal #coronaviruses: reinfection occurred frequently around 1 year after initial infection. Protective immunity against #SARSCoV2 may be short-lived. Read the full article
By monitoring reinfections and antibody responses to common cold coronaviruses in 10 healthy people for >35 years, the suggestion that protective immunity for #SARSCoV2 may be relatively short-lived today, by and colleagues
A really nice study looking at cohort data of periods of reinfection with seasonal coronaviruses (NL63, 229E, HKU1, OC43). Reinfections are quite common, generally follow a pattern of susceptibility after 12 months. #virology
Is there a specific virus/host interaction that allows CoVs to behave like this? Does the level of immunity left ensure that in most, you never get anything more than a cold? And is this the future of SARS CoV2?
Reinfection with seasonal coronaviruses happens as early as 6 mos and as late as 105 mos, but most often in a year. Not totally surprising/new, but it's possible the new coronavirus will be similar
Seasonal coronavirus protective immunity is short-lasting | Nature Medicine
Protective immunity against seasonal #coronaviruses is short-lived, likely also for #SARSCoV2, published today in . Very proud to be part of this amazing team and contribute to the fight against #COVID19.
The durability of immunity to #SARSCoV2 is unknown. Lessons from seasonal #coronavirus infections in humans show that reinfections can occur within 12 months of initial infection, coupled with changes in levels of virus-specific #antibodies.
Seasonal coronavirus immunity prevents severe disease but does not prevent reinfection. If this applies to SARS-CoV-2, we’ll be living with this virus for a long long time
Seasonal coronavirus protective immunity is short-lasting
Seasonal coronavirus protective immunity is short-lasting | Nature Medicine #GPHO
Will there be a winter wave of #COVID19? Study out today shows reinfections occur frequently for four coronaviruses, so may be a common feature of human coronaviruses, including #covid19, & more infections in winter
"Seasonal coronavirus protective immunity is short-lasting"
A reason why we need vaccines - in other coronaviruses reinfection after 12 months has been observed. This research only involved crunching of archival data & is basic knowledge. Why didn't I hear about it earlier? (Was submitted June 15 )
Seasonal #coronavirus protective immunity is short-lasting via et al