8 transitions for #biodiversity according to the #GBO5 report by : 🌲Land & forests 🌾Agriculture 🍲Food systems 🐟Fisheries & oceans 🏥Cities & infrastructures 🦀Freshwater 🌊#Climate action 🌐Biodiversity-inclusive One Health
"The conclusions of the #GBO5 confirm those of #GlobalAssessment: None of the 20 #AichiTargets will be fully achieved at the global level" — Exec. Sec. Anne Larigauderie 📖Find sustainable pathways to act for #biodiversity👇
Humanity & nature are at a crossroads. The #GBO5 report assesses progress on protecting biodiversity and points to 8️⃣ transitions needed for the future health and sustainability of the planet. #Biodiversity2020 #ForNature
Let's be frank. While we have seen progress, the world has not met the #AichiTargets for #biodiversity. And this undermines our ability to achieve the #SDGs. Our new report lays out where we are and how we can put #nature on a path to recovery. ➡️ #GBO5
💧#AichiTarget 14 has not been achieved, states #GBO5: 🌳'The capacity of #ecosystems to provide the essential services on which societies depend, such as #water continues to decline 🍲It affects disproportionately poor & vulnerable communities'
8 transformative changes are urgently needed to ensure human well-being and save the planet, warns. Read the new #GBO5 report here: #Biodiversity2020 #Post2020
Excited about the #GBO5 launch - you can read the full report here which draws heavily on the #GlobalAssessment - Congratulations colleagues
Despite encouraging progress in several areas, the natural world is suffering badly. The 5th Global Biodiversity Outlook from says we need 8 transformative changes to ensure human wellbeing & save the planet. Find out more here: #GBO5
Recently launched: #GlobalBiodiversityOutlook5 "It is a periodic report that summarizes the latest data on the status and trends of biodiversity and draws conclusions relevant to the further implementation of the Convention."
. published a report evaluating progress made against 20 targets set in 2010 to stem the loss of global biodiversity. While little progress has been made to meet them, it's not too late to restore and protect vital ecosystems for all.
Humanity and nature are at a crossroads. The Global Biodiversity Outlook assesses progress on protecting biodiversity & points to 8️⃣ transitions needed for the future health & sustainability of the 🌏 #GBO5 #Biodiversity2020 #ForNature
We spend $500 billion per year on damaging the environment and then $80/ 90 billion on biodiversity. Not even a sticking plaster. Global Biodiversity Outlook 5 | Convention on Biological Diversity
Looking forward to hosting #UNGA's first ever Biodiversity Summit on 30 Sept. Ahead of that, I welcome the launch of the Global Biodiversity Outlook report, which will help inform Member State discussions. #GBO5 #Biodiversity2020 #ForNature