#Sally is moving slower than a turtle in peanut butter. An that's a bad thing--a bad thing we're seeing more of because of climate change. Via in The
Sally is expected to dump as much as two and a half feet of rain on parts of the Gulf Coast over the next few days.
Hurricane Sally is stalling. Researchers see a link to rapid warming...in the Arctic. My latest
Climate change is making hurricanes wetter and also is tending to stall them, meaning that they can dump a ton of water over a small area
"Why Hurricane Sally Could Bring a Deluge: Scientists know climate change has made storms wetter. There’s evidence that it makes some slower, too. It all adds up to trouble when they hit land" by for The
Hurricane Sally is moving so slowly right now because of climate change. 🌀 Coastal rainfall totals will add up quickly with slowpoke Sally.
Hurricane Sally is moving pokily toward the Gulf Coast, carrying potentially ruinous amounts of rainfall. Why is it moving so slowly? The answer could be in the Arctic. Seriously. THe latest from