While I am admittedly biased, and am quite used to beautiful work coming from 's lab, I must say that this paper is mind-blowing.
Will some principles in neuroscience require a brainwide, fast, cellular-level perspective for discovery? We’re delighted to share our new paper reporting an outcome of this approach: , co-led by and me, and mentor . (1/n)
Amazing work from ⁦⁩ — highly relevant for trauma, BPD, and psychiatry. Deep posteromedial cortical rhythm in dissociation | Nature
Check out this amazing paper on the neural basis of dissociation! It was such a treat to watch this story develop in the lab. Many congrats to and , and the whole lab!
A conserved deep posteromedial cortical rhythm that underlies states of dissociation See also previous research by Olaf Blanke on cortical (i.e., right angular gyrus) stimulation of out-of-body experience
Impressive translational study by arguing Ketamine drives dissociative state via 1-3Hz oscillations in retrosplenial cortex. Cool parallels in epi-patient evoking dissociation w/ electrical stim. NMDARs not sole initial target of the drug?
really cool paper