An interesting thing about Facebook is that it runs on Facebook (its internal comms system is just a private version of Facebook). Fascinating that they're having an internal crisis stemming from their own platform's preference for divisive content.
Facebook has finally found incendiary speech that it thinks needs to be moderated: any criticism of Facebook management
Zuckerberg is taking steps to limit internal communication about political issues so if you work at Facebook and have something to say please contact me at [email protected]
It's as if Zuckerberg is telling his employees that they shouldn't have to confront Facebook's role in the world when they do their day-to-day work at Facebook, a global communications platform
EMPLOYEES: "But rather than qutting, isn't it better to stay and change things from the inside?" EMPLOYERS: "We're going to need you to stop trying to change things from the inside now."
This is a proper move by Facebook. When people have lost the ability to debate responsibly, then of course you are going to have to curb debate. Though a better move would be to create a document teaching people how to debate responsibly.
I do appreciate the longer threads (although I preferred Google+) but I think this phenomenon is there in FB too.
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