“For a businessman, President Trump doesn’t seem to have much of a grasp of mathematics.” I talked to the great Dr. about Trump's false tweet today that flu is just as bad as COVID and can you tell I'm getting sick of this shit?
As Twitter and Facebook scrambled to take action on the NY Post Biden story, YouTube has said laid low. It has said nothing and it's not clear what, if anything, it has done.
President Trump’s misleading comparisons of Covid-19 and the flu on social media stand in sharp contrast to expert research. Based on months of data gathered thus far, most flu viruses are less deadly and less contagious than the coronavirus.
Journalists are celebrating this like it’s something to be proud of rather than the absolute disgrace that it is:
"What’s cheaper, Dr. Ranney said, are the many preventive strategies available to keep the virus from infecting people in the first place, such as masks and physical distancing: “How about we focus on that?” - by 🔥 #covid19
Debunking Misinformation: Actually, a Chinese Virologist Didn’t Prove That #Covid19 Was Man-Made, by via #Covid19 #infodemic
Political Disinfo moves from social media to texts—and it’s near impossible to audit. on today’s research report from
Misinformation is cheap to make and profitable on social media; reporting costs money and is needed by free human beings.
“Fox News is giving more airtime to the unverified Hunter Biden emails than it did to the hacked emails from Mr. Podesta in 2016”
Oh so internet companies trying to tamp down on disinformation has pushed bogus election-related stuff to text messages. Cool, cool, cool. by
Your daily reminder that Facebook *is* an arbiter of speech. The only real debate is where it draws the lines and the effectiveness and tradeoffs of the company's decisions. by
which is why FB and Twtr haven't responded to requests for comment, and both posts remain up and unaltered
The has a clever take on the stories format, with information from #Election2020 #StoriesEverywhere
It’s interesting to see how different people process different kinds of dissonance
Actually, a Chinese Virologist Didn’t Prove That the #coronavirus Was Man-Made via
No, there isn’t evidence that Trump owes money to Russia.