Extraordinary story about Johnson's half brother looking to get in on the £100bn 'Moonshot' bonanza. Exactly why we *must* have transparency around who Government proposes to give that money to and why. Please support our attempt to do just that
We don't know who made the decision to spend this vast sum in Johnson's name. Or why. Or what the process was. Or who Johnson is spending it with. Or why they were chosen. And it's not good enough. Which is why we are challenging it, in court.
On the £100bn+ Moonshot programme - more below - widely pilloried by the scientific community Government says the project is both (1) too urgent for open tender but (2) insufficiently urgency for it to need to respond in accordance with court timetables.
We can't do nothing whilst God-knows-who in Government puts a generational sized millstone of debt around the necks of our children pursuing private sci-fi tech fantasies. So we're off to court. We'd very much appreciate your help.
Fifth, the story was already 'broken' by the friendly article weeks back so the newspapers - with the exception of the Guardian - can't be persuaded to take a serious interest. It's grim and it's happening. These are breathtaking sums of our money.
We will almost certainly judicially review these choices. What else can we do? But we could use a little help.