New paper: Constraints on generalizability by , Shoda, & Result of SIPS2016 project!
During the SPSP opening ceremony, Dr. Shoda talked about adding a "Constraints On Generality" section to the discussion section. I think it can contribute to a better research culture
Constraints on Generality (COG): A Proposed Addition to All Empirical Papers 3/3
Great argument for COG statements by & Yuichi Shoda. A SIPS product?
Should award notices come with a Constraints on Generality section?
Sorry. constraints on generality (COG) statements. A product of the first SIPS meeting.
Slightly related to Simons et al. constraints on generality recommendatino
The constraints on generality (COG) paper/proposal resulted from such a discussion at the first SIPS (white paper was drafted at the meeting)
10/20. To underscore the importance of not only getting the science right, but also of being *very clear* in our communication about our science that there are important constraints that must be taken into account when considering whether and how to use it