"By the time I was 10, I had lived through a dictatorship of the right and a dictatorship of the left. I learned early in my life that the worst democracy is infinitely better than the best-performing tyranny" -
My latest for Pull Request. This is the most interesting interview I've ever done. on his stunningly prescient 2014(!) book 'Revolt of the Public', which more or less predicted our status quo. There's so much quotable, lapidary stuff here....
Long but insightful: Many clues to understand the impact of digital technologies in current social and political developments. By &
"Belief is the default. What needs to be explained is systematic cynicism or unbelief: it’s a pathological state that makes individuals miserable and society untenable." Fantastic interview of by .. curious to get take.
"The digital path to revolt suffers from a fatal strategic defect. Without a leader or a program…you can’t negotiate with power."
Lastly, I'll mention this is a companion piece to my interview with , who actually predicted this immense, world-historical crackup years before it happened.
"Every major transformation in information technology has brought in train widespread chaos and disruption...as the old elites – wedded to obsolete forms of communication – were chased up their castle towers and heaved out the window"
For those who missed it, my interview with the estimable Antonio Garcia Martinez (w magnificent drawing of unworthy subject)...
"To shape the flux of events into a story that will persuade the public, the elites must control the means of communication. When that control slips, the elite class lapses into a state of crisis."
“When you organize online, you don’t need trappings of 20th century radicalism – a revolutionary command & control organization, a maximum leader, a program, even a coherent ideology. All you need is a smartphone & a sufficient measure of anger against”
For those who missed it: my thoughty interview with the VERY thoughty Antonio Garcia Martinez...
Fascinating? Yes! Prophecy? ...
"It was the public that was now technologically adept, politically restless, and in revolt against the perplexed elite."
A key to understanding our plight? Fits well with Hariri's core "Sapiens" thesis: that collective action relies on a collective narrative.