I did 3 hours of calls to voters in Georgia today, volunteering with the campaign It's easy to do, and makes me feel like I'm making a difference, beyond just writing a check Here are 4 calls I made that are going to stick with me… (thread)
Just finished my first hour of calls for Biden/Harris to AZ voters. Long convo w/1 undecided, hope it moved the needle. It’s very easy to do calls for the campaign whether you have 15 mins or 3 hours. Do when you can up to 11:30pm ET. Sign up
You can make snarky comments on here, or you can do something. I vote: do something.
If you're anxious about the state of our politics—and how quickly the election is coming up—consider signing up to volunteer sometime! #BidenHarris2020
Just did my first round of phone banking to get out the vote for Joe/Kamala tonight! I had some great conversations. Give it a try... it's easy once you get started, and it's a high impact way to make a difference when you have a few minutes free
what can you do right now to help #democrats win? if you want to make calls for Joe here’s a link to get started. you need a tablet or computer with chrome or firefox for the software 👍 #GetInvolved #volunteer #Biden #BidenHarris2020
Meeting cancelled this morning, so making a few calls for Biden! Finally found an easy/quick way to do it, and having some great conversations with Dems in Georgia!