RIP to Professor Stephen Cohen. I‘m too sad for words right now. Sending condolences to and all of his loved ones. He was an incredible person.
So saddened to hear this. Disagreed with Stephen F. Cohen on many things, but always learned much from him and appreciated his willingness to engage with all. Deepest condolences, .
In remembrance of and gratitude to my colleague, mentor and friend, Professor Stephen F. Cohen, 1938-2020. The hundreds of hours of his thoughts on geopolitical mysteries are a towering tribute to his energy, genius, kindness and courage.
This obituary for Stephen Cohen is exceptionally well-done and captures his achievements in the round. He was crucial in helping many in the west, of all political stripes, break with Cold War thinking & accept Gorbachev. May his memory be a blessing
Deeply saddened by the loss of Stephen Cohen: groundbreaking Russian/Soviet historian, extraordinary mentor + supporter of Russian Studies field, colleague and advisory board member.
From the tyrannies of Stalin to the collapse of the Soviet Union and Vladimir Putin’s intrigues to retain power, Stephen F. Cohen chronicled a Russia of sweeping social upheavals. He has died at 81.
Really sorry to hear about the passing of Stephen Cohen. Everyone should read “Bukharin and the Bolshevik Revolution.”
One thing this obituary captures is how a reformed USSR with Gorbachev as its new founder was a live possibility before its total collapse, considering what happened to Russia since then, it’s an interesting counterfactual
RIP Stephen Cohen.
Just learned of the passing of Dr. Stephen Cohen, who did so much to inform my thinking on Russia. We're always in need of more like him, willing to think outside the consensus and the common wisdom.
Deepest condolences to on the loss of Stephen F. Cohen, a brilliant, brave and independent scholar of Russia and a highly accomplished historian. US discourse is always made better by critical-minded and informed voices like Cohen's
So saddened to learn of Stephen’s passing. He was brilliant and hard-nosed and independent to the end. May his memory be a blessing.
Stephen F. Cohen, Influential Historian of Russia, Dies at 81
He called for detente with the USSR and de-escalation of the Cold War, and he was right. He called bullshit on Russiagate from the start, and he was right. RIP, Stephen Cohen.
Extremely sad to hear about the death of Stephen F. Cohen. He was so friendly, helpful, wise, prescient -- and unrelenting. Especially these last several years. Condolences to and family. RIP
Steve Cohen had a huge impact on me as a grad student. Brilliant and unyielding. Hate to see him go.
Stephen Cohen’s Soviet Politics course at Princeton was hugely popular. He taught it in a way that you felt in your bones the excitement felt by Bolshevik idealists, and then, a few weeks later, the horrors of living under Stalin. RIP.
Bukharin 👏 Would’ve 👏 Won 👏
“Professor Cohen chronicled a Russia of sweeping social upheavals and the passions and poetry of peoples that endured a century of wars, political repression and economic hardships.”
Stephen F. Cohen, Influential Historian of Russia, Dies at 81
Least likely sentence of the week: "Back at Indiana University, he gave up plans to be a golf pro and took up Russian studies."
RIP. Steve. You led a good life, and you put your pen to good use.