Some excellent additional reading that goes more into all the problems with the substance of the show, and points to some additional research you should check out if you're interested in the topics raised:
“this omission of experts and lack of nuance results in The Social Dilemma feeling like a missed opportunity... Amplifying voices who have always had a seat at the table and continuing to ignore those who haven’t...”
Experts who have spent years researching digital media and how we interact with it are absent from Netflix's #TheSocialDiliemma, "while a dystopian narrative that lacks any nuance is uncritically presented." A review by
I wonder if any of those psychologists pointed out how many people have debunked the smartphone and mental health correlation. Shameless plug: I was annoyed enough to write this
This review (unlike those seen in the Independent and the Guardian) does at least address a number (if not all) of the issues with the documentary. via
I’d start here for a popular treatment.
Watched the Social Dilemma documentary on Netflix. It is very powerful. But ended up with a feeling that many things are treated in a superficial way, specially how changes in the world have interacted with the growth of social media. I liked this review