Greenfield 45% to Ernst 42% in the Selzer poll
🚨 IOWA POLL: Democrat Theresa Greenfield leads Republican Sen. Joni Ernst 45% to 42% in U.S Senate race. MOE +/- 3.8 percentage points.
Greenfield +20 among women >
Breaking news: Democrat Theresa Greenfield leads Joni Ernst in Iowa. We have been up on TV in Iowa for two weeks. Thank you to everyone stepping up
Greenfield is ahead in Iowa: Greenfield 45 Ernst 42 This would be a Senate pick up. Donate, volunteer, get out the vote!
Des Moines Register poll: Iowa Senate Theresa Greenfield (D) 45% Joni Ernst (R) 42%
New Iowa Senate poll: Greenfield 45% Ernst 42% Significantly: This is a Selzer poll, the gold standard for Iowa. People, now is the time to send Greenfield some $ love. Let's win this race. #FlipTheSenateBlue
👀NEW IOW POLL 👀 Democrat Theresa Greenfield: 45% Republican U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst: 42% Someone else: 3%
New Selzer poll in Iowa... #IASen Greenfield (D): 45% Ernst (R-inc): 42%
Theresa was down 24 points with rural voters in the June DMR poll. Now, she’s only down 18. As I always like to say, Democrats don’t have to win rural folks overall, but if they can cut at the margins, that’s huge. #IASen
A question for polling mavens: how can someone be a “likely voter” but then say in a survey that they “would not vote”?